Dreading the next, ‘contract due to expire’ letter? 

Create a 5-year roadmap for your life’s work that reignites you

And create a LEGACY that inspires your children


Craft a career that fits the context of your whole life and develop your vision of where you will be 5 years from now 

I’ll take you step by step and show you exactly what you need to do to realise your goals

Reality is sinking in. There’s no longer an obvious next step in your career. You’re surrounded by ‘how to publish your article in five days’ and’ fellowship writing’ workshops that fill you with, “I can’t do this” and “how on earth would this work with a young family?”  

It feels like the decision is already taken out of your hands. Not enough publications or conference talks. Do you have ‘world class’ ideas? Are they good enough to be funded? Putting your own ideas out there leaves them open to rejection. It leaves you questioning if you have failed and wasted the last 7 years of your life.  

You think about changing what you are doing, but it’s difficult. You’ve become so niche. Besides, if the job doesn’t need a PhD or a Postdoc then you’re overqualified and that brings you back to, what was it all for?  

A quick job search brings back a host of ‘riveting’ specifications. You don’t have much choice, at some point you’ll have to apply. And the ones where you feel out of your depth? You know deep down you’re capable, but you’re filled with self-doubt.  

And then there are fleeting moments when there’s an exciting result, or your supervisor gives the nod of approval and that keeps you giving your whole self to it. You have taken on more and more responsibilities and expanded your role. There’s an arbitrary level of expectation and you never quite know if you are measuring up. You are seen as the competent person that get things done but there’s no acknowledgement or thank you. Only criticism, amendments and “can you just do this next?”  

Ignite your drive, fuel your creativity and excel again

  • Discover all of the threads and patterns of behaviour from your past and present that are linked and get tools to overcome them once and for all. Feel the first wave of relief that you don’t have to feel like this forever and have the energy for exercising and going out for dinner with your friends.
  • Learn how to step out of disempowering behaviours. From this confident position develop a long-term plan for your life’s work and take meaningful steps towards what you do want. When you own your own value, you’ll get paid what you are worth. Not only will you feel better in yourself. You’ll get a peaceful night’s sleep knowing that you are covering the future costs for your children, but you’ll also be able to treat yourself to some new clothes and a much-needed date night. 
  • There’s no wasted time, only valuable skills gained. Looking at your work in the context of your whole life will bring new perspective on how to build your future. Working where you can see the difference you are making every single day will ignite your drive and creativity, you’ll excel again and have a noticeable spring in your step.  
  • With the right tools and support, repeating patterns of behaviour can be overcome which opens up new possibilities. You’ll get clarity around what will make you truly happy and integration activities to elicit the response you want in any given situation. Notice how differently people respond to you and watch the smiles of delight as you return home and your children and partner revel in the difference in you. 
  • I will show you sustainable ways to balance your work and life and be fully present for the people you love. You can relax and enjoy lasting memories of feeding the ducks and learning to ride a bike – that quality time you wanted as a family.  

I’ve been where you are, confused about which direction to go in and paralysed by eroded confidence and indecision

Discover a different way that puts your career in the context of your whole life

Hello, my name is Hannah. 

When I was young, I equated achievement with love. I had very high expectations for myself and this precipitated high expectations from others. Despite getting a 1st Class MChem and PhD, I still felt inadequate compared to others. Putting my achievements down to working hard and being more determined than everyone else. For most of my adult life, I operated at 200 mph, relentlessly pushing to prove myself. It resulted in anxiety and panic attacks. On the outside, you wouldn’t have been able to tell, but an internal struggle was taking place. I tried everything; yoga, meditation, CBT and counselling. They all helped in their own way. And I would feel better for a while. I got to the point where the anxiety was just a constant niggle that prevented me from performing optimally and stepping up in my career. 

As a pregnant postdoc I was surrounded by, “I wrote my fellowship in the first 12 weeks of maternity leave, they don’t do much until they start moving.” “I got a nanny and returned to work after two weeks of maternity leave as I was half way through my fellowship.” But I was up every 3 hours feeding my baby and had lost the confidence to continue with an academic career. The thought of balancing a family life put the nail in the coffin. Then came a series of unfortunate events. Overlooked for a position I was capable of. A miscarriage. My Dad had a heart attack. These events left me questioning what was important to me in the context of my life. It was a huge awakening moment for me. I couldn’t continue to put my whole self into work and not feel fulfilled. I needed to see the impact I was having in my work. Every. Single. Day. To leave a LEGACY and for my children to know that it is possible to live this way too. I stumbled across a goal setting workshop run by a coach. It was the starting point of my self-development journey. What I discovered was investing in myself reaped big rewards in all areas of my life, many times over. Not only did I overcome my anxiety, I also found the courage to find my own vision instead of being shaped and moulded to fit someone else’s purpose. Every stage has proved challenging, but the rewards have been unimaginable and surprising at times. I’m no longer paralysed by fear of the big tasks and I’ve learnt how my voice of negativity works so that I can step out of behaviours that are not serving me and operate from an empower place. 

I found the tools so transformational that I went through a rigorous 12-month coaching qualification to become a fully certified and regulated coach. 

However, when I became a coach, I was constantly told, “you can’t work with people who don’t earn at least £60,000.” It left me feeling sad that coaches were more interested in making money than making a difference. I politely disagreed. Sure, I could make it easy for myself and work with academics in the late phases of their careers, but that doesn’t sit right with me. I want to support researchers at the pivotal decision-making moment in their career.  

I can support you to be an academic, feel confident and have the work-life balance you crave  

I can equally show you how to have the same scientific impact but expressed in a multitude of different ways  


12 x 1:1 60 minute private coaching sessions over a 6 month period

Profile report and debrief

A personalised tool kit of resources to ensure longevity to our work

Supplementary audio training

Unlimited written support


Every client I see has different challenges to overcome. They set themselves distinct goals and intentions. As a scientist, I am very analytical which means that we rate the progress towards your intentions on a fortnightly basis. Each session will have a particular focus and I use NLP-based tools where appropriate to facilitate the coaching. We evaluate the impact of these tools at the start of every session. If you get stuck in between sessions, you can email for additional guidance and support. At the end of our programme of work together you will have a personalised tool kit which ensures longevity to the changes that you make.


I designed a 12 session programme for a research fellow struggling with worrying what other people think and comparing herself unfavourably to others. Not knowing if she wanted to continue in academia and balancing pregnancy and a 4-year-old child. 

Over a series of sessions, we looked at how her personal history has shaped her challenges. How her ‘Martyr’ was ruining her relationships and causing her to make assumptions about other people’s intentions. She discovered how worrying what others think of her, conflicted with her curiosity for science and her family time.  

We peeled off the layers of emotions from the past and looked at a model for how her brain creates meaning, moods and impacts the actions that we take, forming habits of a lifetime. She was able to find the inputs and apply remedies to every stage of the cycle. We looked at how to get more done with less push and effort and without burning out by shifting from time to energy management and adopting a 4-part planning system.  

The pivotal moment was applying non-confrontational conversation templates which resulted in the first successful delegation experience in her career so far and a paper submission before her maternity leave started!  

The 5-year vision planning exercise ignited her scientific curiosity and she was excited to get started because it was a realistic plan broken down into achievable milestones. Through an exercise called conscious network design she realised that she was missing mentors and collaborators. Instead of sitting in paralysis, she harnessed her network asked for a mentor and became part of a new grant proposal. 

“It’s amazing! I didn’t think it was possible, I don’t have to choose between my family and work – I can have it all and make it work.”

If you are too busy working IN your career rather than ON it, it’s time to enter a new paradigm


There’s a whole dedicated personal and professional development service at my University. I’ve never had to pay for my own development before.

I’ve been there, I get it. I’ve also signed up to the free internal courses before which I’ve either not showed up to because I was too busy, or it was interesting at the time but what did I really change? 


What I do know is that Universities are not offering this level of coaching support nor these specially designed tools. Everyone I work with has a unique situation with different goals and intentions. This is why I tailor each and every programme I create rather than attending a workshop designed to help the masses.  

I also know how important 1:1 support is. Building up that level of confidential trust in someone without fear of judgement allows the personal development to go to a deeper place and overcome issues that have never been fully resolved before.  

Paying for your own personal development can seem like a luxury rather than an essential. I assure you that it is not. By investing in yourself early on in your career, you get to reap the rewards over and over again. By having a clear roadmap to your life’s work and the tools in place to support you. You can own you own value and get paid what you are worth.  


You have no idea who I (Hannah) am or how I know what I am talking about. You might have no idea what coaching involves. That's okay...It's hard to cut through the noise...  


I am a scientist and mum of three young children and I also love nature and wild swimming. I used these exact tools to get myself out of overwhelm and crafting a career that I love and am truly passionate about. I trained for over 12 months to be a life and leadership coach and it was a rigorous and intensive training. I wanted to teach what I live (which is an integration of those interests). This is a mix of behavioural science and cutting-edge tools which means there are unique takes on personal development and leadership that you won't have heard before. I teach my frameworks that I've developed through implementing them in 1:1 coaching and noticing the patterns between all of them.  


You are TOO BUSY to commit to 6 months of 1-hour fortnightly coaching.  

If that is the reason you are not committing to a 12 session programme, then that is the exact reason you SHOULD.  

If you are tired, overwhelmed, busy working IN your career and not ON it, and think the only way to get ahead is to push to prove yourself and work harder, longer and faster than everyone else, then give yourself a break and I will show you a more plausible way.  


Most of my clients choose to have their sessions via Zoom (a video conferencing tool). This means that you don’t have the additional travel time to add on to the sessions. I help you craft a career that fits the context of your whole life, and help you develop your vision of where you will be 5 years from now. I then take you step by step and show you exactly what you need to do to make your vision a reality. I include a 4-part planning tool kit to make the shift from time to energy management so that you can get more done with less push and effort and without burning out. All of my time and energy tools combined will save you at least 5 hours a week!  

This is for you if:

  • You’re a postdoc, early career researcher or PhD student looking to build a career that has impact.
  • You want to leave a LEGACY and feel fulfilled.
  • You’re thoughtful, intelligent and someone who cares about what they do.
  • You’re ready to get focused on the behaviours and thoughts that are not serving you and will commit to your personal development over the next 6 months.
  • You want to get this right, once and for all.  

This is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for me to ‘fix you’ with a magic formula. You will have to take action and implement the tools to get results.
  • You are unable to manage your emotional state. Please make a referral to your GP.
  • You have suicidal thoughts. Please go straight to your nearest A&E.  

Places for 1:1 private coaching are limited – not because it’s a marketing gimmick – but because it is 1:1 support and time is finite!

A 12-month payment plan is also available at no extra cost meaning you could access 1:1 coaching support for as little as £166.42 per month. 

If you are ready to:

• Let go of past behaviours, thought and emotions that are not serving you • Restore your confidence • And move towards what you do want  

Then let’s get started. I can’t wait to meet you.  

Hannah x  


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need coaching or counselling?

As someone who genuinely cares about you and your outcomes, I bridge the gap between counselling and coaching. I pull together the strands and threads of behaviours, events and people that have got you to this very point in your life. Using specifically designed tools we remove the barriers to your progression. From this confident position make a roadmap for your life’s work that is fulfilling and impactful. I’m all about action so every week you’ll take meaningful steps towards your goals and intentions. The sessions are primarily present and future focussed but where the past is tripping you up, we re-visit it and then re-focus on the intentions and outcomes.  

If you are unsure what service you need, please book a free consultation call here. If I am not the best placed person to help you, I will refer you.  

Are the sessions confidential?

All sessions are fully confidential, it forms part of my Privacy Policy. 

What can I expect to happen in a coaching session?

Session Outline


At the start of every session I check in on the previous weeks three-part action plan. Celebrating what went well and looking at any challenges or you have faced or impediments to your progression. We debrief any tools that you have used. Scoring your progress against initial intentions and setting a specific session focus. 

Session Focus 

In every session there is always the option to continue to be coached using traditional questioning techniques. You will also be offered a choice of supporting tools which may aid your progress. 


At the end of every session we co-create a three-part action plan to move you closer to your overall goals and intentions. Revisiting the session intention and marking progress towards that outcome.  


Post-session, I e-mail over any session notes and integration tools as PDf’s and audio files. These tools are yours to keep for your own personal use.  

Why can’t I buy one session at a time?

Coaching is all about taking inspired action as a result of each and every session. The ideal session frequency is fortnightly. This allows enough time between sessions for you to take action but is a short enough period to maintain momentum. By creating a 12 session programme, I can tailor the sessions fully towards your set of personalised intentions.

How much does it cost?

6 month, 12 Session LEGACY Programme is £1997

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, there is a 12 month payment plan available at no extra cost.

How much time will it take?

The fortnightly 1-hour coaching session is complimented by integration activities so that you are not just talking through your challenges you’re doing and changing. You’ll take step-by-step progress towards your chosen intentions, and this implementation yields results. It will take you 20 minutes to complete some weeks, maybe an hour other weeks.

Do I really need this programme?

Only you can answer that.  

If you’ve got to the point in your life where you need to make a decision about your future career, and it has to be made in the context of your whole life then I can help.  

If you want a career that connects you with your original passion for science and makes a positive difference in people’s lives or the world that we live in, then I can help.  

If you’re struggling with behaviours that are not reflecting your best self and you would like to fully overcome them, then I can help.  

Leave with a personalised toolkit to support your 5-year vision plan and take meaningful steps towards those intentions over a 6-month period. I’m here to support your wins and overcome obstacles to your progression every step of the way. I want you to succeed and make a difference in the world that will inspire others and leave a LEGACY for others to aspire to.  

What if I have more questions?

How do I sign up?

Simply click the button below, select your payment option and fill in your details.

Create a roadmap for your life’s work that reignites you


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